Answer for multiple cardiac arrest victims?

Answer for multiple cardiac arrest victims?

This is probably the most difficult senario that could happen, there must be questions :

1) why do we have multiple cardiac arrests

2) what are the ages of the casualties

I have at times possed this question to a class when it has arrisen:

“You have two casualties both in cardiac arrest, a father and son, you can only effectively ressusitate one which one would you chose?”

Invariably 8 out of 10 would chose to ressusitate the son, when asked why the following are the most common answers:

1) The younger casualty has a better chance of survival
2) The Younger casualty has more life left to live
3) No one would want to face the Fathers question of why did you ressusitate me and not my son.

As far as I know there are no laid down guidelines for such an eventuality, It would come down to the rescuer at the time, and I hope that no one ever has to make this choice…