Generic Instructor Course (GIC)

Generic Instructor Course

  • Participants are eligible for consideration for instructor training only after being nominated at the ALS/ILS provider course as Instructor Potential ( IP ) candidates.

  • IPs are eligible to undertake the relevant Instructor Course ( GIC ) within two years, as long as they continue to hold a valid provider certificate
  • Participants who show exceptional ability and aptitude during a provider course will be considered for Instructor training.

The Generic Instructor Course is an intensive 2 day course and in order to reach the required standard and successfully complete the course you need to prepare in advance.

There are various practice stations during the course and you will have been notified of your practice allocations at least four weeks before the course by the course centre.  The Instructor manual will tell you how these practice sessions should be run. You will also have been sent a set of feedback forms and matrices which set out clearly what is required from you during the various practice stations.

All stations are run within the framework of Set, Dialogue and Closure which should be familiar to you once you have read the manual.

During each of the six stations described below, you will fulfil the normal role of the instructor on a provider course. Your colleagues or a member of faculty will fulfil the role of the candidate(s) on a provider course.


You will give a lecture for 5 minutes and will have been sent slide facsimiles that you should use. The centre should have notified you regarding the availability of Powerpoint facilities. The actual slides should be available at the centre electronically. You do not have to use all of the slides provided.

Skill Teaching

You will teach part of a skill using the 4 stage skill teaching technique described in the manual. Your teaching will take 5 – 7 minutes and you should have been notified which skill you are to teach. Because you only have 5 – 7 minutes pick part of the skill that will be appropriate for the time allowed.

Scenario teaching 

You will run part of a scenario during this station. You will have been notified of your scenario in advance. Please remember a scenario is designed to run for longer than  7 minutes, so you must pick part of the scenario that runs for your allotted  7 minutes.

Skill Assessment

During this practice station you will be expected to assess a ‘candidate’ performing a skill. As before, you have only  7 minutes so time is short and only part of a skill will be possible in the time allowed. The skill to be assessed will have been notified to you in advance of the course.

Closed Discussion

You will have been notified of your topic for this practice station. You should be ready to run a closed discussion for  7 minutes. Where visual aids have not been identified for you in this pre- course package, you should consider whether you need to prepare any to help run the discussion.

Scenario Assessment

In the scenario assessment practice station, you will be expected to run part of a scenario as if it is a testing station on a Provider course. The scenario to be used is identified on your practice allocation sheet, and, as before, you will only have time for part of the scenario during your 5 – 7 minutes.

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