Life Support Courses- Jaffna


One Day course

Course coordinator : Dr. Vasumathi Devanesan  ( Consultant Anaesthetist )

Course Overview

This one day Advanced Life Support Program (incorporating online content) based on European Resuscitation Council guidelines, will provide the health practitioner with an opportunity to undertake a structured course conducive to learning, which will assist in the achievement of ALS competency.

This ALS course could meet the requirements of those who need more comprehensive advanced skills than those taught during Basic Life Support (BLS) & Immediate Life Support  (ILS)courses.

 Learning outcomes

The ALS course teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Recognize and treat the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach.
  • Manage cardiac arrest, including arrests in special circumstances.
  • Associated resuscitation skills- Airway and breathing management.
  • ECG Interpretation and management Tachy & Bradycardia.
  • Lead a team, work as a team member, and use structured communication skills.

Upcoming ALS Course 

  1. 21 Aug 2020
  2. 09 Oct 2020


We have successfully conducted 2 ERC ALS courses in Jaffna in March 2019