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Generic Instructor Course European Resuscitation Council

The Generic Instructor Course trains future Instructors in the principles of adult learning. These skills can then be used to teach fellow healthcare professionals at several ERC courses, including ALS, ILS.

  • Participants are eligible for consideration for instructor training only after being nominated at the ALS/ILS provider course as Instructor Potential (IP) candidates.
  • Participants who show exceptional ability and aptitude during a provider course will be considered for Instructor training.
  • Instructor Potential (IP) candidates are eligible to undertake the ERC Generic Instructor Course (GIC) within two years if they continue to hold a valid provider certificate.

Pre-Course Preparation

The Course Centre will also provide teaching assignments, which Candidates will need to prepare ahead of the face-to-face element of the course.


Across the two-day face-to-face sessions, Candidates will attend a lecture before taking part in practical sessions that cover the teaching modalities required to teach the provider courses. These include approaches to teaching skills acquisition, facilitating simulation, undertaking assessments, and providing feedback to candidates.

The course includes workshops in which the candidates learn and practice how to:

  • Teach and facilitate learning in a small group discussion
  • Teach and facilitate learning a skill with formative assessment
  • Run a cardiac arrest simulation teaching session
  • Give constructive and corrective feedback to enhance further improvement
  • Run a cardiac arrest simulation testing station for summative assessment

All workshops are preceded by demonstrations of the expected competence and by interactive discussion of the topics. Assessment of the GIC candidates is formative though out the course, with feedback provided by the instructor trainers.

After successful completion of the GIC, Candidates must teach on two provider courses as an Instructor Candidate (IC) within two years of the GIC to complete their training and receive their qualification. Please read article 10.5 of the ERC Course Rules for more information.

Once you are allocated to an ERC GIC course, you will receive an email with bank account details to proceed with the payment.